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Kelly Brook was born as Kelly Ann Parsons on November 23rd, 1979 in Rochester, Kent, England. Like many hot celebrities, Kelly wasn’t made who she is today by her parents being famous, in fact her mother was a cook and her father was a scaffolder. Nevertheless, her parents were supportive of her aspirations and her mother even helped to perpetuate her career by entering her into a beauty contest at the age of sixteen. Brook won.

Knowing that education is important, Kelly Brook completed her high school education at Thomas Aveling School in Warren Wood. After that she then went on to continue her education and attended the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts. Here Kelly Brook continued her studies for an additional three years and then finally left to become a professional model. Nevertheless, even though her modeling career has soared and she has become a respected name in the industry, that’s not all she’s good at.

At the age of eighteen, Kelly Brook got her shot at T.V. on several different stations. These included hosting shows on MTV, Granada and Trouble. From here she went on to co-host The Big Breakfast for about six months and then was even chosen to host Celebrity Love Island. Also, she has proven herself to be an exceptional dancer that, had the death of her father on November 26th, 2007 not eventually led her to drop from the competition, she had a reasonable chance to be a finalist. To add to her long list of talents, Kelly Brook has also starred, guest starred and appeared in several movies and television shows where she plays a character as opposed to a reality T.V. host.

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Kelly Brook Voted Sexiest Woman in the UK

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Model turned actress Kelly Brook was voted the sexiest woman in the United Kingdom by readers of the renowned tabloid The Sun.


The 33-year-old brunette took the title by a “landslide” of votes, reported the infamous UK newspaper, revealing that 43,000 readers voted for Kelly in their poll, making her the hottest woman in Britain.

Kelly, who is currently turning up the heat as a team captain on Celebrity Juice, said delighted: “Thank you so much to all Sun readers who voted. I am very flattered”.


However, it’s no wonder Kelly Brook has been crowned the Sexiest Women in Britain, being so gorgeous and glamorous. The beautiful brunette can drive anyone crazy with her amazing looks.

As for the sexiest man, actor Benedict Cumberbatch – who is usually more admired for his acting ability than his distinctive looks – took the title. Dubbed “the thinking woman’s crumpet”, Benedict took the top stop ahead of David Beckham, model turned actor Jason Statham, and actors Henry Cavill and Tom Hardy.


Back to the women’s top, the second place was taken by actress Kate Beckinsale, the English rose who became a Hollywood hottie after starring in the Second World War epic movie Pearl Harbor.

The third place goes to Michelle Keegan, the soap babe who is best known as Tina McIntyre in Corrie. Her sultry looks and fabulous figure have seen her scoop Sexiest Female at the British Soap Awards no less than four times.


The fourth and fifth places have been occupied by model Rosie Jones and model turned actress Keeley Hazell, respectively, with Holly Willoughby, Cheryl Cole, Abbey Clancy, Emma Watson and Rosie Huntingon-Whiteley finishing up the top 10.

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Kelly Brook and Danny Cipriani Getting Married

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Beautiful model and actress Kelly Brook is back together with Danny Cipriani, and rumor has it that the two are already planning on getting married. Even though they haven’t been back together long, the rugby player is set to make an honest woman out of her already.


The 25-year-old rugby hunk is said to be eying up marriage just weeks after their reunion. According to an insider, “Danny and Kelly have got serious quickly. Because they were together before it’s not really like a new relationship.

The couple, who dated for two years before separating in 2010, have been coy about their rekindled romance, which happened just a few weeks after Kelly broke up with another sporting beau, Scottish rugby international player Thom Evans.

While it hasn’t been long, Danny is reportedly so in love with the star that he’s desperate to make things official and get her up the isle. The insider also said that “he’s told friends he wants to propose soon and has even started looking at rings“.

He’s mad about Kelly and wants to show her he’s committed”, the insider added.

Last month, the couple posted on a social network a snapshot of them together with the caption “new beginnings”.


Previously, sources close to the couple have said that the two never really got over each other, despite both going on to be romantically involved with other people. “They have now decided to make a proper go of their relationship. When Kelly and Thom split she became really close to Danny and things changed into something more serious”, said one of those sources.

Kelly and Danny never really got over one another when they broke up.

The same source added that Kelly “is the love of Danny’s life and he always hoped they’d get back together. He is so happy that they are now once again in each other’s arms. He’ll be hoping they have a long future together”.

Does anyone hear wedding bells?

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Kelly Brook Joins the Sexiest Show on Earth

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Kelly Brook is about to join one of the sexiest shows, that is the saucy naked cabaret Forever Crazy. The 32-year model will strip for a packed audience as she performs the racy dance routines made famous by the cast.


The Crazy Horse Cabaret has come to the United Kingdom for the first time, under the name of Forever Crazy. Kelly is very lucky to have landed a place in this amazing show. Every year there are 500 dancers who apply, but only 20 people are accepted.


The contenders must fit a super strict criteria drawn up by Alain Bernadin, who created the Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris, in 1951. Apparently, Kelly Brook has the whole package for the job and all the physical requirements:

  • 5ft 6in or 5ft 7in
  • the distance from the belly button to pelvis has to be 5in
  • the leg length must be exactly twice that of the torso
  • the ideal weight is 8st 7lb

Kelly Brook is very excited about this new experience. She also says that there are almost 65 costumes on stage every night, while every year she will have to wear almost 2.500 pairs of stockings.

Kelly Brook, alongside the other girls will have to learn dance routines, have their hair cut and colored and are taught how to apply make-up, specifically the trademark bright red lipstick.

The dancers are given their stage names, which then become the only names they will use. If they don’t like them, they can choose to be given another, but only one refusal is allowed.

Although the girls and Kelly Brook will be naked, their modesty is preserved by clever lighting, much to the disappointment of many audience members.

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The Young and Beautiful Kelly Brook

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Kelly Brook is one of England’s best known models, who is regularly included in the Top 10 of most men’s magazines Sexiest Women polls. Kelly Brook is one of those women who has the innate ability to cause shortness of breath in the male species. Even those who weren’t convinced of her massive sex appeal, converted to the other side after her show-stopping appearance in a Julien MacDonald dress at the London premiere of Snatch alongside then-boyfriend Jason Statham.

Here are some of the hottest pictures of Kelly Brook.

Kelly Brook photo shoot for Arena Lingerie


Kelly Brook is very sexy in these designer bikinis.


Arena lingerie photo-shoot.

Kelly posing for the all-time famous Victoria’s Secret lingerie company.


Kelly Brook photo shoot for Heels that Heal, one of her favourite shoe brands.

Pictures Source

Let’s face it: Kelly Brook’s list of accomplishments isn’t consummate, exemplary or unique. Yet, she is better known than the head of the United Nations. Every man in the British Isles has fantasized about her, and after seeing the pictures, you probably will too. Not only is she a very talented model, but she is also a pretty good actress. You can see her star in Pirahna 3D with Eli Roth, Jessica Szor and Elisabeth Shue.

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Kelly Brooks Tries Her Hand at Design

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Kelly Brook is one of the most beautiful English model, actress, entrepreneurs, television presenters and Playboy model. Her modelling career began at the age of 16 after winning a beauty competition, in which she was entered by her mother. Later on, she was noticed by many famous modelling agencies that put her on the cover of many famous magazines. She also worked on a range of advertising campaigns, such as Foster’s Lager, Renault Megane, Walker’s Crisps, Piz Buin and Bravissimo.


Kelly Brook’s career was kick-started by her magnificent breasts, so it is only right she takes them for a run every now and again. And if they enjoy riding a bike, who is Kelly to argue to them?  Kelly was very stylish as she set out on the Manchester Sky Ride. Even if she looked a bit strange on a bike and had no idea where to put her feet, she seemed to have fun. She wore a beautiful red dress, with a huge pair of wedges, which were a bit inappropriate for a bike ride.


Cementing her reputation as a modern day pin-up, Kelly has not only designed a successful swimwear collection for New Look, but has also unveiled a selection of underwear and women’s wear for the high street store. She is very content of her latest collection. She describes it being as glamorous, sexy, girls and feels great. The dresses she designed have amazing detail in order to enhance curves while big floral and polka dots feature throughout the collection. Her collection is great for the woman who always feels confident. The clothes hold their own in the boardroom while the underwear is understated in sugary pastel shades.


Kelly Brook wanted to design a collection specially for real women with real budgets. The style of the collection is very feminine, with beautiful belts, halter-neck bra tops and full skirts that remind us of the 1950s Christian Dior look. The young designer says that her favourite decade is the 1950s. High waist pants, polka dots, floral motifs and ice cream tones for t-shirts or blouses are the main features of this beautiful and amazing new collection.

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English Hottie Kelly Brook – Fashion Designer for Voluptuous Women

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Today’s society teaches us that looks are very important and that having a nice physical appearance matters on every aspect of our lives. It also teaches us that being beautiful equals being skinny, which is an obvious misconception that people should get rid of. There are plenty of voluptuous women out there who are not a size zero and yet still manage to look amazing and to be desired by millions of men worldwide. One of them is Kelly Brook, an English model, TV personality and actress who drove everyone crazy with her extremely appealing curves. She also understood that there are plenty of women like her out there, so she decided to become a fashion designer and create a fashion line for voluptuous women.

After being the center of attention at the Cannes Festival in May, Kelly is now focusing on the new fashion line that she created for the New Look brand. The unashamedly feminine clothes she created for the store are especially designed for curvy girls like her who are having a hard time finding clothes they love in their size. Since the world of fashion is obsessed with size-zero girls, voluptuous ladies are always struggling when going shopping, as finding fitting clothes made by renowned designers is quite hard, if not impossible. Kelly is here to help with that and to raise awareness. After all, she is considered to be the sexiest woman in Britain, so she cannot be wrong when saying that there is too much focus on size-zero models and that she wanted to design a clothing line for real women with real budgets and a sense of style.

The collection was inspired from the 50s on the French Riviera and the results were truly amazing. She managed to create ultra-feminine clothes with cinched waists, halterneck bra tops, full skirts, high-waisted hotpants, and playful dresses. She chose lively prints such as florals, polka dots, ice cream tones, and splashes of red. She also focused on accessories, her favorite ones being waist belts and headbands. Besides clothing items, Kelly Brook will also design shoes, mainly high platform peep-toes and strappy wedges, and handbags that would complement the retro vibe of the line. She describes the line as being sexy, fun, and summery. Kelly Brook looks amazing in the photos for the line and women worldwide will want to be as confident as feminine as she is when wearing the clothes.

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Hitting the Town with Kelly Brook and Her Friends

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Kelly Brook is one of the most beautiful and sexiest women in the world. She was even ranked so by numerous publications worldwide, including FHM, Maxim, and GQ magazine. This English model entered the modeling world at the early age of 16 and has managed to appear on the cover of many renowned magazines, such as the infamous Playboy. She has also done advertisements for companies such as Piz Buin, Renault Megane, and Walkers, not to mention a wide array of lingerie contracts. Besides being a model, she is also an actress, TV presenter and entrepreneur. Regarding her personal life, she has been dating former professional rugby player Thom Evans since December 2010. On March 16, 2011, she happily announced on Twitter that she and Evans were expecting a baby girl.

Unfortunately, she suffered a miscarriage two months later. Since then, she and Thom were inseparable. It seems that she chose to leave her beau home alone for one night and enjoy the company of her girlfriends on a glamorous night out. She dressed up with a beautiful little black dress, put on her high heel strappy sandals, added a glamorous faux fur jacket and a small leather bag around her neck, and hit the town. She was wearing her hair in curls and a red lipstick. Her nails and toenails were also painted in red. She was shiny and radiant and everyone noted how happy she was. After getting together with two of her best friends, they headed to a Mexican eatery called La Bodega Negra, which is decorated like a sex shop. She and her pals were giggling, laughing and having a great time.

Kelly Brook was obviously enjoying herself, so she clearly needed a night out with the girls. She was not even bothered by the paparazzi taking numerous pictures of her. The 3 ladies walked passed onlookers and photographers giggling and chatting. In every picture, she is smiling and looking happy. Perhaps that diamond ring on her finger had something to do with that. Although rumors of her engagement with Evans have been around since February, when she was first seen wearing the ring, the couple have not released any official statement yet. If they are truly engaged, they will surely make beautiful children. Kelly Brook uploaded several sexy pictures of her and her boyfriend in bathing suits from their vacation, in which 32-old Katie and Tom are looking hotter than ever. She is sexy and she knows it!

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Kelly Brook Beauty And Her Unbeatable Charm

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Kelly Brook is an amazing model who was born on November 23rd, 1979 in Rochester, Kent, England. Kelly Brook graduated Thomas Aveling School and later the Conti Academy of Theatre Arts. Kelly Brook is an important name in the fashion world and she is considered one of the best good looking women in the world. Although Kelly Brook started as a model she was also a television host and presenter, acted in the film Piranha 3 D and was also involved in many other projects. One of the reality shows that made Kelly Brook famous was Celebrity Love Island. In terms of acting, her first minor role was in the film called Sorted. Kelly Brook also acted in Smallville series.

Although Kelly Brook wanted to also act on stage, the critics were not favourable at all, so she gave up to this idea. Even since Kelly Brook was a teenage, her beauty was remarked and she appeared in many commercials. She also posed in FHM magazine, so her fame increased in a very short time. The photos were successful and throughout her career, Kelly Brook collaborated with many important fashion houses. Other reality show she participated in was called Strictly Come Dancing.

As well as many other famous models, Kelly Brook also appeared in many music videos.  Later, the star was one of the judges from Britain’s Got Talent. Kelly Brook involved in a lot of projects such as shows, films, music, but her role from School for Seduction was one of the most famous and increased her fame. Kelly Brook is a woman with a lo of sex appeal, very beautiful and with a lot of self-confidence and an amazing sexy attitude.

She met her husband, Billy Zane, while filming the Survival Island. Her life was very difficult when she lost her father and then she had a miscarriage. Her fans wait for new projects that she will have in the future. Kelly Brook is one of the most beautiful women in the world, but also talented.

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Kelly Brook Developing Career

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Born on November 23rd, 1979, in Rochester, Kent, England, Kelly Brook is a famous model. Kelly Brook studied at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in London, knowing that education is also very important. She wanted to become a model after wining a beauty contest that made her realize that she looks good and could become successful. Throughout her career, Kelly Brook clenched contracts with many famous and important fashion houses and she also travelled a lot. Later, Kelly Brook posed for magazines such as GQ, FHM and Loaded, being also ranked as one of the most good looking women. As many other models, Kelly Brook also has her own swimwear collection.

Apart from modelling, Kelly Brook was also a MTV host and later was the host of the reality television program named Celebrity Love Island. As she tried to involve in many artistic projects, Kelly Brook also had a small role in the film named Sorted and starred on four episodes in the Smallvile series. Although Kelly Brook wanted to play on stage, critics were negative, so she gave up to this idea, but her success came with the film Piranha 3D

As opposed to other celebrities who grew from a family with artists, celebrities or rich people, Kelly Brook had a modest life and family, her mother being a cook and her father a scaffolder. Luckily, she was very beautiful, ambitious and always wanting more from life and from herself. It lasted a while until Kelly Brook became an international celebrity, but now she has a stable position in the fashion industry and not only.

Regarding her personal life, Kelly Brook had a relationship with the actor Jason Statham, but the couple split after seven years. Soon, Kelly Brook had a love relationship with Billy Zane. The two engaged and were ready to marry, but the wedding was postponed as Kelly Brook’s father died. In 2011, Kelly Brook underwent a very sad moment: she suffered a miscarriage and lost the baby.

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Kelly Brook Personal Life

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Kelly Brook is a very beautiful woman and a talented model. Although the star has first managed to achieve worldwide fame as a model, she never limited her projects to this part of the entertainment industry. In fact, she has also received recognition for her work as an actress and television show host.

Kelly Brook was born on November 23, 1972, in Rochester, Kent, England. The star studied at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in London. She began working as a professional model about three years after graduating. Well, Kelly Brook’s first contact with the modeling world came much sooner, when the star was only 16 years old. That was the moment when she won her first beauty competition and when she realized that her place was on the stage. And since entering this world, Kelly Brook has remained committed to her work, managing to avoid all type of public scandals and that surely is a thing to admire in a world where celebrities always manage to get themselves involved in many outrageous situations.

When it comes to her romantic relationships, Kelly Brook has first been linked to famous actor Jason Statham. The couple began dating in 1997 and their romance lasted for about seven years. Unfortunately, the two separated in 2004. That very same year, Kelly Brook met her second love, Billy Zane. The two actually met on the sets of Survival Island, while working together at the movie. Kelly Brook and Billy Zane got engaged and they surely seemed to be a happy couple. Although the wedding was already planned to take place in 2008, Kelly Brook decided to postpone it, as her father died at the end of 2007. Unfortunately, Kelly Brook and her boyfriend separated the next year, when they should had actually been a married couple. In December 2010 Kelly Brook met Thom Evans. The two still are a very happy couple, although they have been through a tragic event. In March 2011, Kelly Brook announced that she was expecting a child, but unfortunately only about two months after making the happy news public, she suffered a miscarriage.

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