Kelly Brook Developing Career

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Born on November 23rd, 1979, in Rochester, Kent, England, Kelly Brook is a famous model. Kelly Brook studied at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in London, knowing that education is also very important. She wanted to become a model after wining a beauty contest that made her realize that she looks good and could become successful. Throughout her career, Kelly Brook clenched contracts with many famous and important fashion houses and she also travelled a lot. Later, Kelly Brook posed for magazines such as GQ, FHM and Loaded, being also ranked as one of the most good looking women. As many other models, Kelly Brook also has her own swimwear collection.

Apart from modelling, Kelly Brook was also a MTV host and later was the host of the reality television program named Celebrity Love Island. As she tried to involve in many artistic projects, Kelly Brook also had a small role in the film named Sorted and starred on four episodes in the Smallvile series. Although Kelly Brook wanted to play on stage, critics were negative, so she gave up to this idea, but her success came with the film Piranha 3D

As opposed to other celebrities who grew from a family with artists, celebrities or rich people, Kelly Brook had a modest life and family, her mother being a cook and her father a scaffolder. Luckily, she was very beautiful, ambitious and always wanting more from life and from herself. It lasted a while until Kelly Brook became an international celebrity, but now she has a stable position in the fashion industry and not only.

Regarding her personal life, Kelly Brook had a relationship with the actor Jason Statham, but the couple split after seven years. Soon, Kelly Brook had a love relationship with Billy Zane. The two engaged and were ready to marry, but the wedding was postponed as Kelly Brook’s father died. In 2011, Kelly Brook underwent a very sad moment: she suffered a miscarriage and lost the baby.

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