Kelly Brook Joins the Sexiest Show on Earth

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Kelly Brook is about to join one of the sexiest shows, that is the saucy naked cabaret Forever Crazy. The 32-year model will strip for a packed audience as she performs the racy dance routines made famous by the cast.


The Crazy Horse Cabaret has come to the United Kingdom for the first time, under the name of Forever Crazy. Kelly is very lucky to have landed a place in this amazing show. Every year there are 500 dancers who apply, but only 20 people are accepted.


The contenders must fit a super strict criteria drawn up by Alain Bernadin, who created the Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris, in 1951. Apparently, Kelly Brook has the whole package for the job and all the physical requirements:

  • 5ft 6in or 5ft 7in
  • the distance from the belly button to pelvis has to be 5in
  • the leg length must be exactly twice that of the torso
  • the ideal weight is 8st 7lb

Kelly Brook is very excited about this new experience. She also says that there are almost 65 costumes on stage every night, while every year she will have to wear almost 2.500 pairs of stockings.

Kelly Brook, alongside the other girls will have to learn dance routines, have their hair cut and colored and are taught how to apply make-up, specifically the trademark bright red lipstick.

The dancers are given their stage names, which then become the only names they will use. If they don’t like them, they can choose to be given another, but only one refusal is allowed.

Although the girls and Kelly Brook will be naked, their modesty is preserved by clever lighting, much to the disappointment of many audience members.

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